• Release Time:2020-06-19
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Facing the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. actively responded to the fundraising initiative "United in meeting the challenge and fighting the COVID-19", which was rasied by Yiyuan County Charity Associationto support the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei province; fully developed the fine tradition of "When one side is in trouble, help comes from all directions", Reyoung initiated a donation agreement to all cadres and employees of the company.

After the lauch of the initiative, lots of party members and cadres to actively took the lead in participating, and all the staff rushed to participate.In just one and a half days since Febrary 13th, 4,459 people had donated and reached 502,610.2 yuan. All staff of the International Business Department 1 also responded positively and acted immediately, called the employees at the first time to raise funds in accordance with the principle of voluntary autonomy. The staff had generously donated money, stretched out their helping hands and enthusiastically offered their love, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 800 yuan, 1000 yuan...A sum of money has been brought together, and the hearts of dedication are condensed into a sea of love.

The Reyoung people take the responsibility of "Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. produce high-quality medicine for all mankind" with practical actions, and provide meager efforts for the protest work in the epidemic area. All the charitable donations will be used for supporting Hubei in combating the new coronavirus epidemic through the Yiyuan County Charity Association.

"The footsteps of Spring, will not be stoppedby a snowstorm".There is no winter that cannot be over, no spring that will not come. All fronts in the country are in action, and everyone is united as one. We are sure to win this smokeless war. Come on China, Come on Wuhan!